DeAndre Ayton

#13 C Arizona Wildcats – Freshman

DoB: July 23rd, 1998

Height: 7-1

Wingspan: 7-5

Weight: 250lbs


2017-2018 Season Average:

33.5MIN 20.1PTS 0.612FG% 1.6Ast 11.6REB 0.6STL 1.9BLK 2.0TO



  • A combination of incredible strength, physical tools, and athleticism recording a reportedly 43.5 inch vertical; Undoubtedly, Ayton possesses unrivaled tools for not just the NCAA but also in the NBA.
  • Developed extremely fast from a relatively raw center to a multi-faceted center that can post-up and face-up against defenders; Opposing teams must game plan for Ayton on a consistent basis
  • Offensive versatility for a center, can post-up, face-up, pick and roll, and pick and pop.
  • Strong finisher down low; uses strength, length, and athleticism to force his way to the hoop; will be a terrifying roll man.
  • Already flashed the ability to shoot mid-range and three-point shot; also shoots 0.733% at the line marking a consistent and fluid shooting form.
  • Tough to keep off the boards with his combination of strength and athleticism; consistently needs two big men to prevent the offensive rebound; Incredible feel for how a rebound will come off the rim; goes for putback dunks on a consistent basis.
  • Possesses high-level defensive versatility for a 7-1 center; when motivated, Ayton can guard smaller guards with his length and surprisingly swift lateral quickness.
  • High production for a freshman: named the 2018 Pac-12 player and freshman of the year.



  • Doesn’t always assert his will upon the game; lacks the will but not ability to take over a game offensively or defensively.
  • Settles for jumpers too often; if given the space, Ayton will likely choose to shoot the jumper over attacking with the ball downhill.
  • Posts up weaker players and over-relies on post moves and skills; sometimes refuses to use his strength to bully defenders; rarely fights down low for post position; relies heavily on coming up to high post to receive the ball.
  • Motor runs cold too often; doesn’t crash the board after contesting jump shot.
  • Lacks the willingness to rotate or jab at offensive players attacking the rim; could have better defensive instincts.
  • Struggles to guard against shooting big man; cannot hedge the pick and roll and get back to roll/pop man in time.
  • Body language can improve; doesn’t exhibit a lot of intensity and when playing; could play with more of an edge and compete on a consistent basis.



  • The combination of shooting, athleticism, skill, and physical dominance is reminiscent of current star Joel Embiid. Ayton’s development in college is similar to Embiid’s development within the NBA, testament to Ayton’s high potential.
  • Undoubtedly one of the most talented prospect in recent years; one of if not the best prospects in this draft.
  • Priority not always team oriented; was soon to declare his decision to forego his next three years with Arizona after the Wildcat’s first-round upset loss to Buffalo.
  • His production still seems somewhat disappointing when taking into account his physical profile and offensive tools.
  • Isn’t a volume shooter: Ayton could show a higher willingness to take control of the team’s offense, but also could be the result of team’s game planning for him.
  • With his current skill set, Ayton projects to be a franchise cornerstone.


Notable Performances

Vs. Alabama 29PTS (12-18) (1-2 3PM/3PA) (4-8 FTM/FTA) 18REB 1AST 1BLK


Vs. USC 32PTS (14-20) (4-4 FTM/FTA) 18REB 2AST 1BLK 3PF 4TO


Vs. Stanford 9PTS (4-10) (0-1 3PM/3PA) 8REB 3AST 6BLK 5PF 3TO



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