Jalen Brunson

#1 G Villanova Wildcat – Junior

DoB: August 31st, 1996

Height: 6-3

Weight: 190lbs

Wingspan: 6-3

2017-2018 Season Average:

31.8MIN 18.9PTS 0.521FG% 4.6Ast 3.1REB 0.9STL 0.0BLK 1.8TO



  • Calm and composed, especially under duress; A experienced guard who makes minimal mistakes; able to make clever passes in traffic.
  • Plays solid positional defense; coupled with a strong body, can have some levels of switch ability.
  • Production at the college level; Brunson was awarded Wooden Player of the Year for his transcendent season with Villanova averaging an elite stat line and leading his team to the national championship game.
  • Stocky build allows Brunson to bully smaller guards in the post; has shown consistency, shot creativity in this instance and can project as a weapon in the NBA.
  • Incredibly consistent player; rarely disappears and generally plays well in high profile games (31 points vs. Providence in Big East Finals and 27 points vs. West Virginia in Sweet Sixteen)
  • Never forces the issue; often has good shot selection as shown by his 52.1% field goal percentage and 40.8% from three-point land.



  • Limited athleticism, reach (6-3), and height (6-3) limits Brunson’s defensive potential, hasn’t shown ability to force turnovers, averaging 0.9 steals a game only recording 1 block in his three years in Villanova.
  • Struggles to finish in traffic especially against length; severely hindered by athleticism.
  • Relies on set plays and Villanova’s system to score the basketball; many shots coming off of spot ups generated screens.
  • Relies on screens to get shot off; doesn’t have the burst to blow by opposing point guards.



  • Lacks both elite athleticism and physical tools; Brunson’s offensive and defensive potential on the next level can be severely limited.
  • Brunson was sometimes tasked with guarding opposing Michigan forward Moritz Wagner in the national championship game and experienced mixed results, does have defensive versatility in spurts.
  • At this point, Jalen Brunson simply doesn’t have the upside to become a starting caliber point guard, could be a solid backup point guard.
  • Does possess an advanced assortment of tricks in his scoring arsenal; however, his effectiveness in executing them could be limited by his physical capabilities.


Notable Performances

Vs. Providence (Big East Finals) 31PTS (12/23 FGM/FGA) (4-9 3PM/3PA) 6REB 4AST 1STL 2TO


Vs. West Virginia (Sweet Sixteen) 27PTS (8/15 FGM/FGA) (3-6 3PM/3PA) 2REB 4AST 3TO


Vs. Michigan (National Championship) 9PTS (4-13 FGM/FGA) (1-5 3PM/3PA) 2REB 2AST 4PF



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