Kevin Knox II

#5 F Kentucky Wildcats – Freshman

DOB: August 11, 1999

Height: 6-9

Wingspan: 6-11.5

Weight: 215lbs


2017-2018 Season Average:

32.4MIN 15.6PTS 44.5FG% 1.4AST 5.4REB 0.8STL 0.3BLK 2.3TO



  • Has the size of a prototypical 4 in today’s NBA; Outmatches most opponents at the college level physically; Athletic in terms of his quickness, fluidity, and coordination for position.
  • Versatile offensive player being able to shoot from all three levels. Not necessarily the most explosive athlete but can use fakes and jab steps to get defender off balance; Moves off the ball and attacks closeouts effectively.
  • Driving game is relatively simple but effective; uses straight-line drives effectively; Has the ability to finish with length and soft touch around the rim. Uses long stride and length to attack the basket in transition.
  • His shot is the most translatable NBA trait; Can shoot spotting up or curling off screens as well as pull up in the mid-range. Smooth release with good elevation.
  • Opens up lots of movement on offense with his floor spacing ability.



  • Relies somewhat on size to finish over smaller defenders at the college level; Lacks explosive leap and first step.
  • More of a spot up/one or two dribble shooter than a creative isolation player; does not possess great handles and plays at the same speed at all times.
  • Feel for the game is not terrible but can improve; takes a second too long to make the simple passes to teammates.
  • Does not play with aggressiveness and intensity, which is reflected by his low rebounding; At times seems lethargic and uninterested on the court.
  • Can be more locked in on defense; Does not always contest shots and offers little rim protection(0.3BLK) at this point; Loses focus at times.
  • Needs to get stronger; Gets bodied in the post by bigger players.
  • Has had an inconsistent year; Value on the court drops noticeably when he is not hitting his shot.


  • Knox’s struggles with consistency might be a result of playing as a big man at Kentucky when his play style better suits that of a swingman.
  • Has great role player potential; Knox projects as a great secondary scorer who does most of his damage through spot ups and drives off passes; Knox also understands his strengths and plays to them well.
  • Frame should fill out with time; has huge feet which indicates that he might still grow once he gets to the NBA.
  • Needs to get tougher/more aggressive to compete in the NBA.



Notable Performances

Vs. West Virginia 34PTs (11-17 FGA/FGM) (5-8 3PM/3PA) 7REB 1PF 1TO


Vs. Davidson (1st Round) 25PTS (8-16 FGA/FGM) (9-11 FTM/FTA) 6REB 1AST 0PF 1TO


Vs. Monmouth 4PTS (1-9 FGA/FGM) (1-5 3PM/3PA) 5REB 4AST 0BLK 2PF 7TO





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