Marvin Bagley III

#35 F Duke Blue Devils

Age: 19

Height: 6-11

Wingspan: 7-0

Weight: 234lbs


2017-2018 Season Average

33.9MIN 21.0PTS 0.614FG% 1.5AST 11.1REB 0.8STL 0.9BLK 2.3TO



  • Extremely high motor, especially on the offensive end; possesses high level rebounding instincts and allows for easy offensive putbacks.
  • Incredibly refined offensively for a big man; has shown the ability to knock down three-point shots (39.7% on the year) and the ability to dribble and create in transition.
  • High production for a first-year college player; Bagley was able to win the ACC Rookie of the Year award averaging an elite 20-10.
  • Doesn’t need a close catch to the basket to be deadly; Bagley possesses an incredibly refined face-up game making use of dribbles, spins, and pull-ups.
  • Fluid athlete, undeniably one of the best athletes in this draft at his size; very few can match his explosiveness and speed.
  • Projects as a versatile defensive player with the ability to switch on smaller guards speed and athleticism allow for him to keep up with mismatches.
  • Has the ability to take opposing big man off the dribble from above the three-point line.
  • Compact and simple shooting mechanics; can be a consistent threat at the next level.
  • One of the most efficient college basketball players; shoots 61.4% from the field taking 13.3 shots each game.



  • Lacks elite length, Bagley’s wingspan only stretches 7-0 and shows within his lack of defensive presence at times (0.9 BLK and 0.8 STL on the year).
  • Does not have consistent defensive effort.
  • Lack of a strong lower body makes it difficult to carve out space from under defenders.
  • Can disappear at times
  • Doesn’t handle double teams very well; fails to make the obvious pass to the open shooter at times.
  • Settles with difficult shots from the post against stronger post defenders.
  • Overly reliant on left-hand; needs to develop right-hand finishing.



  • Is essentially a 6-11 athletic center with the skillsets of a wing player; Uses an impressive array of offensive maneuvers rare in big men.
  • Offensively, Bagley draws comparisons to Anthony Davis, who also possesses guard-like offensive skills with elite physical tools. However, Bagley has yet to develop the same defensive impact.
  • Has an incredible feel for the game, no doubt one of the most offensively skilled big man in the draft.
  • Free throw mechanics can improve, does not bring the ball down, lacks rhythm (62.7%) from the field.
  • Projects as an elite rebounder at the next level; uses 6-11 size, athleticism, and fluidity to get rebound over opposing big men (11.1 rebound per game)
  • Most points come off offensive rebounds and cuts, would like to see a higher level of shot creation on the next level.
  • At this point, defense remains the largest issue; however, Bagley’s motor and athleticism project him as a plus defender on the next level.


Notable Performances

Vs. Florida State         32PTS (13/17 FGM/FGA) (1/2 3PM/3PA) 21REB 1AST 1STL


Vs. Virginia     30PTS (13-18 FGM/FGA) (2/4 3PM/3PA) 14REB 3PF 2TO


Vs. Kansas (Elite Eight) 16PTS (5-9 FGM/FGA) (1/1 3PM/3PA) 10REB 2AST 2TO




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