Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

#22 G Kentucky Wildcats – Freshman

Age: 19

Height: 6-6

Wingspan: 7-0

Weight: 180lbs


2017-2018 Season Average:

33.7MIN 14.4PTS 0.485FG% 5.1Ast 4.1REB 1.6STL 0.5BLK 2.7TO



  • Gilgeous-Alexander is an extremely crafty shot creator, utilizing his length and height to slip through ball screens and defenders on his way to the rim.
  • Consistent shooter; strokes 81.7% of his shots at the free throw line and 40.4% from the three-point line.
  • High-level shot creator; makes use of floaters, pull-ups, hesitations; has a developed arsenal of scoring tricks.
  • Projects as a solid defender at the NBA level; 6-6 frame allows for defensive switching; high defensive versatility.
  • Teammates feed off of his ability to create offense; makes use of dump off passes; advanced passer in transition.
  • Good rebounder for position (4.1reb/game); makes use of height to grab rebound over smaller guards.
  • Good feel for the game; makes use of his full offensive arsenal



  • Doesn’t possess a strong body to handle contact on drives to the rim; can get bullied from time to time by bigger guards
  • Doesn’t possess high-level athleticism, which limits his offensive and defensive potential.
  • Slow operator; waits around too often for the offense to materialize.
  • Lack of athleticism and elite burst often results in the inability to punish pick and roll switches; struggles to attack and punish big men off the pick and roll.
  • Decision making at times can be questionable; sometimes chooses to shoot pull-up off the dribble during pick and roll action before the play develops.



  • Plays the point guard position for Kentucky despite not being a pure point guard. At this point, Gilgeous-Alexander projects to be a secondary ball-handler.
  • Ability to play point guard is a testament to Gilgeous-Alexander’s mature offensive skills.
  • Skilled in many facets of the game but not overly strong in any particular area.
  • Difficult to threaten defense if he is unable to take the defender off the dribble; reliant on screen and roll action.
  • Even during screen and roll action, is unable to burst by larger players at times.


Notable Performances:

Vs. Vanderbilt 30PTS (12/19) (5/5 FTA-FTM) 3AST 1REB 1STL 1BLK 3TO


Vs. Tennessee 29PTS (10/16) (2/3 3PM-3PA) 3AST 7REB 2STL


Vs. Kansas 6PTS (3-7) 3AST 4REB 3STL 3PF 6TO






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