Trae Young

#11 G Oklahoma Sooners – Freshman

Age: 19

Height: 6-2

Wingspan: 6-2

Weight: 180lbs


2017-2018 Season Average:

35.4MIN 27.4PTS 0.422FG% 8.7AST 3.9REB 1.7STL 0.3BLK 5.2TO



  • Young’s Scoring prowess is unrivaled compared to his fellow freshmen; currently leads the nation in scoring at 27.4 points a game.
  • Scoring ability starts with the three-point shot; the combination of Young’s shooting ability and speed makes him one of the most difficult guards to contain in the pick and roll.
  • Places an incredible amount of pressure on the defense with his ability to stretch the floor and as a playmaker.
  • Adept at the pick and roll; he has the ability to hit roll man despite a small frame (6-2 height 6-2 wingspan).
  • Has control over the ball in traffic and can finish around big men using his body to shield the ball.
  • Incredible pull-up jump shooter; consistently shoots from way behind the college three-point line.
  • Solid positional defender; quick hands and savvy enough to pick off steals from crosscourt passes.
  • One of if not the most lethal shot-makers in this draft.
  • Young is a solid playmaker, creating most of the team’s offense off of his gravity as a scoring threat.



  • Highly turnover prone, ranks #1 overall in the nation in terms of turnovers per game (5.2 TO)
  • Has struggled against longer, more athletic and aggressive guards as shown in the Alabama vs. Oklahoma game( 6-17 from the field and 5 turnovers).
  • Young is incredibly inefficient, relies heavily on his ability to shoot, explaining his low 42.2% field goal percentage.
  • Usage Rate is way too high, uses way too many possessions and could place more trust in his teammates.
  • Defense remains to be Young’s largest issue; he lacks the physical frame and strength to contain more athletic and speedy guards.
  • Has almost no defensive versatility, lack of size and strength means he will be ineffectual against switches onto larger assignments.



  • Struggle against pressure defense could prove to be an issue on the next level, could lack the ability to punish more versatile defensive wings.
  • Three-point shooting prowess is reminiscent of Stephen Curry in his stint in Davidson.
  • Takes too many bad shots as most shots consist of contested long-range three-pointers; however, this is also a testament to his confidence and skill as a shooter.
  • Young usage ranks as one of the highest in the nation at 37.5%, this can explain his inefficient numbers but also why he is one of the most gifted offensive players in the draft.
  • Struggles towards the end of the season correlate with team’s slump as the Sooners lost 9 of their last 11 games of the season including a first-round loss to Rhode Island in the tournament. This was largely a result of opposing teams planning more effectively against Young.
  • NBA teams would likely not tolerate Young’s style of play in Oklahoma using almost 40% of the team’s possessions; it remains to be seen whether or not Young can adjust to another style of play.
  • Turnover prone, which is likely due to high usage rate; however, at the next level against lengthier and more physical defenders, Young’s turnover woes could remain.
  • Won’t be double or triple teamed in the NBA, should see his efficiency rise at the next level.


Notable Performances

Vs. Oklahoma State 48PTS (14/39 FGM/FGA) (8/20 3PM/3PA) 8AST 5REB 2STL 7TO


Vs. Northwestern St. 26PTS (9/16 FGM/FGA) (3/6 3PM/3PA) 22AST 4REB 4TO


Vs. Kansas 11PTS (3-13 FGM/FGA) (1-5 3PM/3PA) 9AST 1REB 5TO







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